8th August 2015

Santorini was the second stop on our holiday after five days in Folegandros. I haven’t written a post on Folegandros as we were both so exhausted when we arrived that we didn’t do much but catch up on sleep and lie horizontal on various beaches. I did decide whilst I was there though to start this blog so here goes….

Santorini has been on my bucket-list for the last few years and it did not disappoint. The moment when you walk out onto the cliff-side and see that view, yes that view, for the first time is breathtaking.

We stayed at the Iconic Santorini in the Caldera Suite which comes with its own hot tub!!!!! My other delight came upon seeing the Aesop toiletries in the bathroom, the orange body balm is dreamy. The hotel is pricey, we really splashed out when we decided to stay there but the costs once you’re there are really reasonable and no more expensive than you’d pay in the local taverna. The food really is exceptional, probably the best we had on the island, if you go you must have the mussels, any type, I became obsessed and just ordered anything containing them!!




We had five days in Santorini and after doing next to nothing previously we were determined to get out and see as much of the beautiful island as possible, below are my favourites from our adventures;


Hike to Skaros Rock to watch the sunset – This is so worth it!!! We were warned away from watching the sunset in Oia by lots of people ahead of our trip and found out when we were there for dinner one night that it really is like feeding time at the zoo. Scaros Rock though is really beautiful, it’s about a 15-20 minute walk away from the centre of Imerovigli. When you get there it’s so peaceful. There were only a handful of other people there and there’s so much space you really can have an area to yourself for uninterrupted views of the famous sunset. Don’t let the word hike put you off, it’s not really any more challenging than walking up and down the countless steps in the villages – we went in our trainers but there were a few others there in flip flops so you’ll be ok.



Walk to the harbour at Ammoudi from Oia – Ammoudi harbour was on my list of things I wanted to see from the various posts I’d seen on instagram ahead of our trip. Ammoudi is the fishing harbour beneath Oia where the fisherman bring their catch to sell to all of the restaurants in the town. The walk down the steps is a little challenging as they’re pretty relentless and there’s a fair amount of poo from the donkeys to tread around but it’s an adorable little harbour to eat lunch at when you get there. We chose to eat at Dimitri’s after doing a little walk-by of the restaurants, the food wasn’t as fresh as I’d hoped but we lucked out with a table right on the waterside which was good enough for me. Do plan ahead and pre-book transport from the bottom – we thought we’d be able to get a taxi back to our hotel from the harbour but had no such luck and had to go all the way back up the 200+ steps, which really wasn’t fun on a full belly!!!



Under A Fig Tree boutique – we stumbled upon this little shop on our walk into Fira town – it’s situated on the pedestrian walk-way just outside of Imerovigli literally under a Fig Tree. It smells like a real life Diptyque FIguier candle, so delightful!!!! The boutique is owned by Vassia who has recently moved to Santorini from Athens. The pieces she has in the store are all by greek designers and are current yet appropriate for it being an island shop, there’s lots of nice summer, floaty pieces and some trunks and t-shirts for men so they have something to look at whilst you shop!!! I bought some gorgeous little bits in there including a long maxi dress, a cropped woven top and some wide-legged trousers.

1559496_1456759484635302_9091620413806749977_o (1)

Fino Cocktail Bar – I really struggled to get a good cocktail on our entire trip until the last night when we found Fino in Oia. Sadly we had our taxi to get back to our hotel so only had one cocktail which was the Fino with rum and passion fruit. It was delicious and very reasonably priced compared to other bars in the town. The food looked great too, we only tried the flatbreads with wasabi mayonnaise which they give you with your drinks but if we had longer we’d definitely have gone back for more!


If you want to get out of your hotel to see things be prepared to walk!! Taxi’s are pretty non-existent on the island, we saw some at the airport and that was it! Our hotel were very helpful and booked us transport on the couple of occasions when we needed it.




All in all definitely go and see the real life version of the photos that feature on your instagram feed if it’s anything like mine! The main towns of Oia and Fira are very tourist driven so expect to see a lot of the same things in many shops, along with restaurants and bars taking advantage with high prices. There are still many jewels in the crown though and the beauty of the island really does shine through. The views will continue to take your breath away throughout your trip, it really is picture perfect!

There are some more photos from our trip below.









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  • Reply AlouetteCAT 6th September 2015 at 11:10 PM

    Good idea, great blog, beautiful pictures (esp. Santorini). Wish you lots of luck. It surprise me I’m the first to comment. – I’ve seen a serious hint for a guy , let’s hope he’ll read the blog 😉 –

  • Reply Jerine 14th September 2015 at 10:38 PM

    Do u have like a list of places you want to travel? Where do u hope to go next? I have been to Cuba and its is like taking a step back in time. Its a beautiful country , I hope to go back before is get too modernized since the US has dropped the embargo

    • Reply admin 18th October 2015 at 5:03 PM

      I have the longest list of places I’d love to travel to…planning to do a 2016 bucket list towards the end of this year! Lot’s of people have told me I have to go to Cuba!! x

      • Reply Jerine 22nd October 2015 at 12:58 AM

        Add Jamaica to ur list and ill let u know the best places to visit

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