Autumn Hair Essentials

When the weather turns from summer to autumn I really struggle to get control of my hair so I have to turn to more products to help me. In summer it’s easy to just leave your hair to dry outside, the heat of the…

25th October 2015

No room for excuses…

Being a self-confessed gym addict, I don’t often struggle to get motivated and out of the house in the morning to my favourite class or gym session. But since having a heavy head cold I just can’t get back into the routine. I don’t…

20th October 2015

Cottage Pie

This past week I’ve been hit with my seasonal cold. This happens almost every year as autumn turns into winter. I crave home cooked comfort food when I feel under the weather and cottage pie is always the first dish I turn to. Whenever we were sick…

7th October 2015

Soho Farmhouse

I was lucky enough to bag a room at the eagerly anticipated and newly opened Soho Farmhouse last week. Set amongst 100 acres of Cotswolds countryside, it is full of the stuff that rekindles childhood memories; cabins on lakes, outdoor baths and bottles of…

6th October 2015

My Mum’s Bacon Pasta

Sometimes you just need some comfort food. I grew up with this recipe and now it takes me back to when I was young and living at home every time I make it. It’s one of those dishes that I cook as second nature so…

28th September 2015

Tee, Trainer + Crêpe kinda Sunday

Don’t you just love nothing more than a chilled out Sunday where you can laze around in comfy clothes and eat yummy food. That’s exactly how I spent mine this weekend gone… It was such a beautiful day that after an early workout with friends…

23rd September 2015

Sunday Night Ritual

For me, there’s nothing better than a Sunday night pamper session to get prepared for the week ahead. I try to go to bed early but before that I have a little beauty ritual which I aim to do at least once a week. Kérastase Nutri…

20th September 2015

Crazy Dinosaur Golf

My friends have an upcoming golf day so have been wanting to go to the driving range to get ‘their eye in’ for the last couple of weeks! Having a boyfriend who probably counts golf among his favourite hobbies meant we  signed up to go…

14th September 2015

Raw Cookie Dough Bites

One of my favourite memories of baking cookies as a kid was getting to lick the bowl clean afterwards… These magical creations bring back those memories but are totally guilt free and not only that, they’re packed full of protein and fibre. Technically it’s…

8th September 2015

Corduroy Love

Today was mostly spent trying to dodge the rain which is becoming a rather regular occurence in London at the moment. Feeling a little jaded after a friends birthday festivities last night we managed to make it out of the house to satisfy my burger…

29th August 2015