Recycling Diptyque Jars

11th November 2015

I love a scented candle. Diptyque is my guilty pleasure and the Baies smell is my absolute favourite. The jars they come in are gorgeous, so when I reach the end of a candle I clean them out and re-use them for other things. Below are some images of what I’m currently using them for at my house but the options are endless.

Of course you could use any candle, it doesn’t have to be Diptyque I just find them to be the best and the black and white labels are so beautiful I find they add something to your dressing table or bathroom.

The easiest way to clean the jar at the end of it’s life is to let it burn right down until the wick goes out itself (a trick to keep a candle burning well throughout is to trim the wick before you light it each time, this prevents the flame from getting too large and subsequently melting one side of the candle quicker than the other!). Use a knife to scrape out any leftover wax and wash the jar out with hot water. I then pop mine in the dishwasher to give them a thorough clean but some fairy liquid will do the job too. And that’s it, your jar will then be ready to live the rest of it’s life storing pens or cotton buds!!





Photos by me

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    Love this idea!!! ❤️

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