New Year, New Resolutions…

1st January 2016

Every year I make resolutions in order to better myself from the previous year. I wanted to share them with you this year, one reason being that if I put them out there into the world, I really have to do them! And the other is that I hope mine might inspire you to do some resolutions of your own if you’ve not done so already. So here they are, I’ve tried to incorporate ways in which I can achieve them so it’s not just a far fetched wish too;

– Travel to two new places – Travel is the most rewarding gift you can give or receive. This is the one resolution that goes on my list every year. I love experiencing new cities, countries and cultures, there really is nothing better than exploring back alleys of an unknown village, town or city.


– Take class with just a sports bra and leggings on. This is my way of judging if I achieve what I want body wise. I used to say I wanted a six-pack but it’s not really a six-pack, I just (yes, just!) want toned definition, like Gisele (who doesn’t)! This year I am determined to achieve this. My plan to master this is to mix up my workouts a lot more than I have done previously incorporating boxing (KOBOX), spinning (Psycle) and running (Barry’s Bootcamp and outdoors). I also need to change my eating habits, it’s as much, if not more about what you eat rather than what you do. The closest I’ve come to achieving this goal was last year during lent when I gave up refined sugar. I need to come up with a realistic eating plan though as I didn’t find that this was realistic to keep to full-time.


– Post at least two times a week on here, my blog. I only launched What Would Lily Do? last August so I really want to make progress with it this year. To achieve this I’m going to plan out my posts two weeks ahead. Any last minute posts I choose to do will be additional to the two per week.


– Read one book per month. Either fiction or those to better myself. Whenever I’m on holiday I love reading books. I must make the time to read this year, even it’s for ten minutes before the light is switched off at bedtime. This will be time for just me, to invest in myself, to think, grow, learn and discover. I have an iPhone Plus now so my phone is large enough for me to read books on it, then I really will have no excuse – my phone is with me all the time!


– Get outdoors more. Living in London means that I don’t ever make the effort to go to large outdoor spaces, this is a really terrible excuse as I live incredibly close to Hampstead Heath. I just need to get out more! I’m going to look at incorporating this into a Sunday routine, I need to plan and work this one out.


So there they are, let me know what yours are and let’s make 2016 the best it can be, I can’t wait!

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  • Reply Jodie Barlow 4th January 2016 at 1:53 PM

    I love reading your blogs, so reading that your going to blog more has made me really excited! I’m agreeing with you on the healthy eating in your blog, I used to eat loads of chocolate, cola & sweets before I fainted at home one morning & I’ve now started to eat more healthy (sometimes I cave in & have some chocolate!) For your next blog, could you do some healthy eating recipes that we can all try, even if we only have left overs in the fridge? …but then again, I’m not sure what you could do with leftover Sunday roast meat, Yorkshire pudding, ect…

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