Skin Saviours

2nd November 2015

Skin really needs some extra loving care in winter. Everything gets a little bit drier and unless you’re fortunate enough to jet away for some sunshine it’s hard to retain any sort of glow. The below products are at the front of my bathroom cupboard and are helping me so far;

REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial | I love this facial, you apply it instead of a moisturiser at night-time. It softens, smoothes, brightens and you wake up with more refreshed, brightened and radiant skin. You might experience a slight tingling sensation when it’s applied, but I like that, I feel like it means it’s working!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic | My lips get very dry and chapped when the weather gets colder. This balm has been a lifesaver so far this year. It’s got hylauronic acid in it which fills out lines for fuller, plumper lips.

Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser | This is my go-to product, I only use face wipes at night-time so I rely on this to really clean my skin every morning. It’s a nice balm texture which you warm in your palms. I pop it on before I get in the shower and simply rinse it off. The best thing about this is it literally takes 2-minutes. One of the reasons I use it every day.

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial | This is a miracle treatment, it instantly revitalises and rejuvenates your skin. It’s perfect to start your day after you’ve had a late night. It’s also really clever – the Vitamin C acts as an exfoliant for the first minute and then once you activate it with the water, the Vitamin C then tones and firms the skin, banishing any grey tones to leave the skin refreshed.

Soveral Spotless Spot Treatment Gel | I am so appreciative of my skin nowadays. I struggled for a few years with constant bad skin so am so grateful that I rarely get breakouts nowadays.. However, as with all girls, I still get the odd spot around my lady-time so this little genius pot comes to the rescue whenever I feel a tingle or a lump starting to appear. It has natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties which gives it a very strong healing affect.

Eve Lom TLC Cream | I use this every night, it really is like wrapping my skin in tender loving care as soon as it’s applied! It deeply hydrates and conditions leaving skin baby soft – heavenly! And it calms any redness or inflammation too.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream | A newie but a goodie!! This is a-list make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury’s magic formula which she has been mixing herself for the past 20 years. It gained it’s name as it was known as her “magic cream” backstage at fashion shows and on photoshoots. It smells delicious (almost like holidays!) and leaves your skin super silky, smooth. And…yes there’s more, it has SPF15 in it so will prepare your skin for the day ahead. Pair it with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation for double silky smoothness.

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